The local Governing Body of Holy Trinity Catholic School is a committed group of parents, staff and members of the local community, who are dedicated to the further advancement of the school. The Governing Body has the responsibility for the effective running of the school and therefore makes decisions about a wide range of issues.  Our strategic vision for the school is to:

  • Continually raise standards of achievement for all pupils
  • Promote a culture in which excellent teaching and learning thrives
  • Act as a “critical friend” to the Head Teacher
  • Ensure accountability as part of the St Teresa of Calcutta MAC
  • Support the Catholic ethos of the school

The governing body also operates in smaller committees. These are – Admissions, Curriculum & Personnel, Finance & Premises, Catholic Life and Pastoral.

Regular committee meetings and meetings of the full Governing Body are held to discuss all matters relating to the school.

The first Governing Body meeting of this academic year will take place on 8th October 2019. Further details will follow including details of the Governing Body and their roles.

Holy Trinity Catholic School Governing Body

Foundation Governors:

Anne Norris

Laura Trodden

Elisa Yanez 

Father Peter Conley

Louise Grant

Staff Governor:

Tom Woolgar

Parent Governors:

Ferhan Haq        

Meb Hussain