Exam Anxiety – Supporting at Home

Some stress and anxiety around exams is good and perfectly normal. Your child is becoming an adult and he/she must learn how to effectively deal with stress as they will encounter it throughout their life. Please click on this document for a complete guide on how you can support your son or daughter.  Exam Anxiety Guidance



At Holy Trinity we believe that homework is an essential part of students becoming successful in their studies at College. We also believe that parental interest and support is vital in order to help students to keep up with their academic progress.

Students are expected to record homework in their planner. Each week tutors and staff check planners to ensure they are being kept up to date.

Students must consider when homework is due and try to balance the demands on their time each day so that deadlines are met and the work produced is of a high standard.  Should concerns arise regarding completion or the standard of homework you will be informed via a homework concern letter.

Key Stage 3

We continually strive to improve homework provision, therefore for students in Key Stage 3 we are introducing Project Based Assignments. Each half term, subjects will set a project which will develop key skills and subject knowledge.

As students progress through school, homework tasks can be expected to take longer and are likely to give less guidance and require individual research and enquiry.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage four, homework will  be set once a week and will be linked to coursework and exam preparation in order to develop vital skills and subject knowledge. Homework tasks may be varied in terms of completion time and format and some are likely to give less guidance and require individual research and enquiry.