We pride ourselves on being a uniform school and work to apply our rules on uniform fairly for all our pupils. School uniform helps to reduce bullying and allows pupils to concentrate on their learning. With this in mind, we have included our full uniform list and would also draw to your attention the following:



Boys’ footwear should be plain black, not black ‘trainer’ style or heavyboots. Girls’ shoes should be plain black and low heeled. Fashion footwear,particularly decorated ‘slipper’ or ‘sandal’ style shoes are not acceptable. All pupils are expected to have one pair of school shoes plus a pair of trainers for P.E.



Girls’ skirts should be black, A-line or pleated. They should not be made from stretchy material and should be at knee or just above knee in length.



Girls’ trousers are black in a choice of two styles and are available from Clive Marks, Coventry Road in Sheldon or Midland Schoolwear in Acocks Green. Both suppliers are aware of the styles that are acceptable.



Please do not allow your child to have tramlines or patterns shaved into their hair or dye their hair with extreme colour before their return to school.



Apart from wristwatches, no jewellery is allowed to be worn in school. Any other items will be confiscated.


School House Ties

These can be obtained from Clive Marks, Coventry Road, Sheldon or Midland Schoolwear in Acocks Green.


School Bags/Equipment

Pupils need a substantial school bag to carry their planners, books and equipment to school each day (handbag or ‘man bag’ styles are not suitable). Pupils should also ensure they have their school planner and a clear pencil case containing a black/blue pen, pencil, green pen (used for improving all written work) and a ruler.


Physical Education Kit

The most recent and up to date P.E Kit information is available here